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Why House Concerts?

As we are starting out, Judi and I have found House Concerts to be our preferred way to present our music.

 Fitzgerald House Concert

Jenkins House Concert Spring 2016

It seems there are fewer and fewer good opportunities to hear live music. Many of those situations are not conducive to the kind of intimate songs we favor in our performances.

Bob Reid Judi Jaeger Lawson House Concert

We, like other musicians, are struggling to find a form of performance which can be successful, satisfying, and sustainable. Presenting intimate, living room presentations to people who value our music is what works for us. We enjoy being able to look into the eyes of our audience.

Judi Jaeger and Bob Reid at Jenkins House Concert

It is difficult to describe what we do as musicians. The most effective way is to experience it. The enthusiasm our listeners feel for our work encourages them to share us with their friends. We hope to keep making ripples from each performance, in each living room and energize more enthusiastic hosts. If so, we can continue to build an audience which will support us in our work and allow us to continue with this music that we love so much.


We hope that we can reinforce a desire for music which may bring laughter and tears, longing and memories, recognition of common experiences. 


Ours is indeed living room music, though our challenge is to bring the living room to our public stage performances, as well.

Kingston House Concert Seats

All that is necessary to host is access to a suitable space for at least 20 people, and friends to invite. Some hosts have chosen to mix a broad spectrum of people from various parts of their lives. We have played for as many as 75. We prefer indoors, as it is less dependent upon the weather and the intimacy of the performance is more protected.


Some hosts have rented chairs, some encourage people to bring folding chairs, sometimes a combination of benches, couches and stairways work nicely. It is as varied as the kinds of homes there are out there. Once we establish a date with you, the hosts would assemble list of the guests to be invited, usually by an email invitation, which we can provide a template for, or provide to you. Guests are encouraged to reserve seats. This will provide them security that they have a place and allows the host to gauge the response so that any available spaces can be filled by our waiting list, if needed. 


Some choose to provide food and drinks for guests, some simply provide the space for the performance. It all works.


It is our intent to make it an enjoyable experience for anyone who is willing to share our music in their home. We will help in whatever way we might. We can connect potential hosts with those who have previously hosted to provide answers to practical questions.


We are grateful to those who have already presented us in their living rooms. Your support has gotten our feet off of the ground and allowed this amazing flight to begin. We look forward to our next concert with you and to the continuation of this amazing journey.


 If you are interested in discussing possibilities, contact us here!


Here's to living rooms! 

Edwina at Fitzgeralds

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