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Seattle from the airWe attended our first FARWEST conference as Jaeger & Reid in Bellevue, Washington in October. The conference was held over 4 days. There were about 300 attendees.These included musicians sharing their music, and venue bookers, and house concerts presenters listening for music they wanted to host in their living rooms. We joined several other performers in a pre-conference concert at Dusty Strings, a wonderful music store/music school/performance space in Seattle. We broke out Edwina and had our first opportunity to share our music with the folks who came out. We met some people as a result, that we might not have met had we not taken that opportunity. Several people mentioned having heard us there. Judi's close friend, Linn, who lives locally, came out to hear us sing our one song. 

The conference schedule blended workshops on how to survive as a performer, or presenter, with official showcases of the performers who were chosen by the FARWEST judges to perform for the larger crowds.

There were awards given out, one to my old friend, Peter McCracken, for his work at the Centrum Foundation, "a unique arts education and advocacy program that promotes creative experiences that change lives through intergenerational workshops, bringing together aspiring and master artists to foster creativity, provide mentorship, and build community."

I knew Peter long ago, when we were both young musicians figuring out what we were doing. He was one of my favorite fiddle players and he made me a tape of fiddle tunes to learn.

Bob at the Airport

Another honoree was Northwest native Danny O'Keefe, of "Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues", and "The Road", fame. Danny performed some of his songs and told stories about where they came from, and of his struggles as a musician and a person.

The Seattle Folklore Society was given The Organizational Achievement  award "in recognition of 50 years of service to preserve and foster awareness and appreciation of folk and traditional arts in the Seattle area."

Bob Reid, Patrice Webb of Sugar Mountain House Concerts and Judi Jaeger
After the official schedule each day, the night belonged to the Private Guerrilla Showcases (PGS). Two floors of the hotel were devoted to rooms which were hosted by an assortment of people, performers, venue representatives. The slots varied from individual showcases, to "in-the-round", where two or three musical acts traded songs for 30 to 60 minutes. 



We had 13 PGSs scheduled and invited people to attend to see what we were about. We shared our slots with some wonderful musicians and heard some great music! Our music was enthusiastically received! It was a crazy time of dashing from one showcase to the next, with little time to stop and hear anyone else, outside of where we were playing, though as we rushed down the halls there was the surreal experience of passing doorways with musicians playing, as if a physical radio station was flipping the channels. We look forward to returning to the NorthWest to re-connect with our new friends, and hopefully to perform our music for folks up there. We exchanged a pile of cards and hopefully, people are looking forward to our return. We are pre-registered for next year's conference.

View of SeattleWe had the opportunity to spend some time with Judi's friend, Linn, after the conference and I met her partner, Tim, at their home. She took us on a much needed walking tour of the neighborhood and then delivered us to the airport.




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