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Our First Tour to the East! Pt. 1- The Hudson River Valley

Our first tour!

Chapter One!

We flew to Newark, NJ from San Francisco, drove up to Rosendale, NY to stay with Lori Gross and Fraser and Fiona, Finnegan, Casey, and Annie the cat, and later, Teddy! They were warm, welcoming and wonderful hosts. Lori produced the Clearwater fundraiser we were invited to play. She and Fraser are both banjo players.

Judi Bob Lori Fiona and Fraser and banjos

Judi acquired a serious banjo addiction while there. I had already been afflicted. Look for some instrumental additions in the coming weeks.

Bob Fiona Judi at Kingston House Concert

We performed at a house concert in Kingston, a former capitol of the state of New York. We got to share our music in a beautiful setting in the home of Emma Sears and Gregg Swanzey. We are grateful that they were willing to host us and invite their friends. I had no idea who might attend and was pleasantly surprised by the full living room. Thank you again, Gregg and Emma!!

Clearwater hull

The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater as it is being renovated to resume it's mission to expose people to the beauty and needs of the Hudson River and our fragile planet.

Bob Reid Judi Jaeger

Many old friends came to see us in Kingston, for both of us. Judi had friends drive from the city and from the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. For me, it was a bit of a reunion for many of us who had sailed on the Clearwater in the 80's and 90's. 

A very sweet evening! 

Betty and the Baby Boomers

On Sunday, we played in a concert to raise funds to help renovate the Clearwater with many old friends from Pumpkin Sails past, when Clearwater would take two weeks to sail from Albany to Manhattan and would stop at points along the way and set up little festivals and concerts in communities along the river. Children would be bussed to our sites from their schools and we would do environmental presentations to them, sing and tell stories. Pumpkins would be trucked to meet us and we would load them onto the boat and sail them to our next destination to sell.

Kim and Reggie with MagpieRoger the JesterBob Fiona Judi at Clearwater Benefit

After the concert, we went to Beacon and  took a trip up the hill to the Seegers home so I could show it to Judi. It was my first visit since Pete and Toshi had died. It was clear that they were gone. That allowed me a sense of completion. I have many wonderful memories of my time there with them.


Roger the Jester asked us to fill in for him on Monday, at the Kingston YMCA, which we were able to do and have a great time singing with the kids there who were out of school due to a No-Snow Day. The schools schedule in Snow Days to make up for days when kids can't get to school due to the weather. Since there was not much snow in the area this school year they were giving the scheduled days back to the kids.

Bob and kids Kingston YMCA

Bob and No-Snow Day kids at Kingston YMCA


Bob and Judi at High FallsFiona Lori and Judi at High Falls

We walked up to High Falls with Fiona, Lori and the dogs. What a beautiful spot! 

Hudson River WalkwayBob and Tinya

Then we went to walk over the Hudson at Poughkeepsie with Tinya Seeger. A gorgeous view of the Hudson and the waterfront.

Mochi and Tinya and Judi on Hudson River Walkway

Card from FionaFiona Hat

Then an early morning trip to the airport.


 Lori and Fiona Goodbye


 Off to more musical adventures in North Carolina!

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