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Our First Tour to the East- Pt. 2 - North Carolina

We arrived in North Carolina to a much warmer world than the one we left an hour before in New York. We arrived at Raleigh/Durham earlier than we had planned due to catching an earlier flight due to our early arrival driving into Newark. We checked in with Monica and Brian Jenkins and then went off to find Louise Omoto Kessel, and picked up the sound system she was loaning us at an event her kids, Jabu and Makayla were dancing in. We found the location, with the aid of Siri, and were treated to some amazing tap dancing.

Makayla Tapping with group

The sound system worked great and we used it performing at Brian and Monica's club. We had most of the room listening, but they spent a lot of time turning around and frowning at the noisy folks back at the bar. There were many comments about what a great turnout there was, that the club was not usually that busy on a Thursday. It was fun to meet their friends who, more often than not, made sure to tell us that they would be coming to the House Concert on Sunday, as well. 

The Club

As it turned out, our Friday night house concert in the loft in Durham had to be rescheduled due to permitting problems with the space. Our hosts were very disappointed as they were looking forward to presenting us as their first House Concert. They told us later that they had gone to a house concert on their third date and were enthusiastic about them and the opportunity to host them.

Judi Jaeger & Bob Reid at Cedars

As a substitute, on short notice, we contacted the Activities Director at the Senior Development Brian's mother, Carla, had moved into just 5 days before. She set us up to play that night. That turned out to be an unexpected joy! People were very appreciative. t was a very discerning group which appreciated what we do. Several times people asked how they got to be so lucky as to have us playing for them. The next time we go they are going to set us up in the ballroom. We can't wait to go back!

Judi Jaeger & Bob Reid at Cedars

One woman expressed her delight that her husband who suffered from Alzheimer's was able to be present due to the music. Her enthusiasm was infectious. People sang along and smiles were prevalent. I later met one of the developers of the complex, who also was the contractor who built it and he told me of his intention to move there when he retired. We should all be so lucky!


Dia De los Libros

On Saturday morning, we woke to rain which created some confusion about the Day of the Book event I was going to play guitar for Makayla's  singing group Sister's Voices, in Siler City. Judi and I arrived in time and I got to teach them a song to sing and figure out how to accompany the songs they were planning to perform. It went well and I got most of the chords right! 

Sisters Voices in Siler City


Later, Saturday evening, we played at the Bynum Store in a benefit concert for my friend, Louise Omoto Kessel's camp, Clapping Hands Farm. I took Judi around Bynum and showed her Clyde Jone's house and his animals living all around Bynum in each yard. 

Clyde Jones' Dogs

Clyde is a well-known folk artist, who uses a chainsaw and paint to create some clever creatures.

Clyde Jones' House

Bynum Store

Bynum Store Stage

Jimmy Magoo joined us and got everyone singing along, Jabu and Makayla did some fancy tapping while I provided musical accompaniment. Judi and I played songs for kids of all ages, and then shifted to songs for adults of all ages. People sang and cried in the appropriate places. I got to see any old friends from my days participating in the Haw River Festival, the river which flows by Bynum and was the power for the textile mill there. A grand time!

 Judi, Bob, Louise and Holmes

 Brian, Monica, Judi, Bob

Sunday was our last show of the tour. Monica was understandably fretting about the weather forecast which for the past few days was telling us that her outdoor concert was going to have to be inside, which meant removing furniture from the living room and renting chairs, rather than having people bring their own lawn chairs. We wound up with about 75 people comfortably packed into the Jenkins' house. It was an enthusiastic crowd which seemed to be willing to go wherever we wanted to take them. And boy, did they sing along!Jenkins House Concert

Margaret, Judi, Allison, Monica

Judi and Monica's friends Allison and Margaret made the trip from California for the opportunity to all be together. It was very sweet to have them there. They had heard us early on in our musical partnership and it is great to have such supportive friends. 

Monday morning, I picked up Judi in Chapel Hill and we drove to the airport, dropped off the rental car, prayed to the deities of travelers with guitars that we would not have to check any instruments. Later, we tried to get a refund on those prayers, but no luck! Still, my guitar arrived in San Francisco unscathed. 

It was a great trip, met new friends, re-connected with old ones, received enthusiastic support for our music and many invitations to return and do it again! Which we shall!

Huge thank yous to Monica and Brian and Louise and Holmes for hosting us in their homes and all the new and old friends we made! 


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