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House Concert at the Fitzgeralds!



Judi Jaeger & Bob Reid at Fitzgerald House Concert

Wow! What a great evening!

Last night, Kathy and Peter Fitzgerald hosted 45 people in their living room, and beyond, for our concert. 

It was an opportunity for us to present our music in an environment that we feel is respectful to both performers and audience. 



A Little About Clearwater


Hudson River Sloop Clearwater coming into dock

In April, we will be performing at a benefit concert to help the rebuilding of the Sloop Clearwater, a 100 foot Hudson River Sloop. "Sloop" refers to the way the boat is rigged with sails.

Over 50 years ago, Pete Seeger was looking through a book and saw a picture of a Hudson River Sloop and said. "Wouldn't it be great to get people together to build one?" And so it was!



Our First House Concert


Bob Reid and Judi Jaeger performing a house concert

What a great night! Thank you to Diann and Bob Lawson for pulling out all the stops, preparing delicious food and desserts, giving us their wonderful living room and filling it with their friends and neighbors. It reinforced our belief that this is the best way to perform in quiet, intimate settings for people who want to hear our music.