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In Our Minds We're Back From Carolina

View from Plane Judi and I have just returned from our return trip to North Carolina. What a wonderful time! People were so warm and supportive. We played four shows in 5 days, met some new people and everyone invited us back. Eternal gratitude to the Jenkins Family for putting us up and putting up with us. It is such a gift to be far from home and still feel at home.

Jaeger & Reid in Mac and Kimberly's Loft








On Friday we got set up for our house concert in Mac and Kimberly's loft in Durham.






Words fail me in describing what they have done. They purchased and renovated a building in downtown Durham and created a treasure for the Triangle Region. I will let the photos do the describing. When we walked in for the first time, we were speechless. Such beauty! Such warmth! They enlisted the work of artists throughout North Carolina to reflect the talents of the area. 

Our performance was so rich, Judi brought tears to many with Both Sides Now. The acoustics in the room were welcoming to our voices and instruments.

We look forward to returning to that space.

Sundermann and Marcolpos's House Concert guests



On Sunday, we had an intimate concert at the home of Wanda Sundermann and Mark Marcoplos, way out in the country, embraced by the forest. Leo, the cat, and the dogs, joined us and we were reminded of why singing in living rooms is so important. We love being able to connect so informally with our audience 

Audience at the Cedars 












On Monday we returned to the Cedars, where Carla Jenkins, mother of Brian Jenkins, resides. When we were there in the Spring, we played in the hallway to whomever was passing by, as they went to dinner. This time they set us up in the ballroom and we had a full house. What a gift it was to look out into those faces. They were appreciative and engaged. Afterwards some came up to talk. One gentleman taught voice at Vanderbilt University and complimented us on our vocal blend. A woman said she appreciated that we sang a couple of Pete Seeger songs She said that when her husband was in medical school, she wanted to get him a gift which would mean something to him. With help, she got together enough money to buy him a Pete Seeger style long necked banjo, which he still plays. 


Poster of Jaeger & Reid at CedarsThere were a few suggestions that next time we sing, "Carolina In My Mind". Duly noted!



Sarah Howe House Concert audienceOn Tuesday night, we had a rare weekday concert in the 100 year old home of Sarah Howe.


Two of her kids, Alan and Alicia, whom I hadn't seen in 16 years, were there . They had obviously put that time to good use, vertically! 

We were reminded of how different house concerts can be from one to another. The space is not what is important, it is the togetherness and the ability to be heard. We had a guest singer/songwriter, Sami, who was accompanied by her aunt, due to a finger injury which prevented her from accompanying herself. Sami sang us her song about a snapping turtle.


Jeff's Birthday CakeJeff and Jane, who had recently moved down from Washington D.C. arrived with a birthday cake for the potluck. It was an amazingly dark chocolate and raspberry filled and covered cake. We sang to Jeff and his day and ate

his cake.

We packed up and caught an early flight. We managed to be transported with our instruments intact, worked on a new song and returned to California, having been happily marinated in North Carolina for a week.

 Headed Home

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